Battery Booster Rebate Available now for Queensland Homeowners

On Monday (12 February 2024) the Queensland Government announced the newly anticipated Battery Booster Program, to enable eligible Queensland homeowners to a rebate when buying and installing a home battery storage system to use with a new or existing rooftop solar system.

Solar batteries help you manage your electricity usage and save more on your energy bills.  

Battery systems, while they are more expensive, are capable of storing excess energy, helping you to become energy independent.  

The QLD Government’s rebate program is in place to assist Queenslanders with the upfront cost of a battery.  

With a battery in place, Queensland homeowners can become energy independent, providing some much-needed assistance during the cost-of-living crisis.  

Those interested must apply for and receive a conditional approval letter before having a battery system installed under this rebate program.


Rebates are available for up to $4,000 with approved solar battery retailers and installers. AusPac Solar will be on this approved installers list before Friday 16 February 2024.

Queenslanders applying must have a combined household income of less than $180,000 and meet the remaining eligibility criteria (listed below)

The standard rate is $3,000 however there is a higher rebate amount to help low-income households even further.  

Only 1 rebate is permitted per residential premises. The program will close once allocated funding has been exhausted.

Standard Rebate

A rebate of up to $3,000 is available for applicants with an income of less than $180,000 for the past financial year.  

Low-income Rebate

An extra $1,000 applies to households where the highest income earner earned $66,667 or less in the past financial year.


  • Applicants must apply and receive a conditional approval letter before having a battery system installed under this rebate program.
  • Have a Solar system installed at a minimum 5kW capacity. If you do not have a system installed, the rebate can be included in your system inclusion for Solar panels.  
  • Use an approved battery from the Approved Battery System list, which includes with capacity 6kWh or larger  
  • Use an approved installer registered on the Approved Battery System List. Your installer must be on the list when you apply for conditional approval and when they complete the installation.  
  • Obtain a quote and purchase the system on or after 12 February 2024
  • Meet the income requirement, with household income below $180,000
  • Agree to a safety inspection of the installation, to be performed by a government-appointed inspector

Approved battery Systems

The battery system installed at your home must have conditional approval and be listed on the approved battery systems list

Approved Installers

Safety is a priority for the program, along with quality and ensuring technical standards are met. Installers must meet minimum training and licensing requirements before they are eligible to supply under the Battery Booster Program.

To be approved, your battery must be installed by a business on the approved installer list.

The homeowner must apply for this rebate. AusPac cannot apply for the rebate on your behalf.

How to apply:

  1. You must obtain your quote and apply for conditional approval from the Government before committing to buying your proposed battery system.
  1. Rebate approval: Once your conditionally approved system has been installed and paid for, you can submit your invoice to receive your rebate payment. Note that you will have to demonstrate you are still eligible.

A Queensland Government-appointed inspector will conduct safety inspections on installations approved for a Battery Booster Rebate.

Once your battery system is installed, you can apply for the Rebate at the bottom of the page HERE. Read Steps 1 – 5 so you’re familiar with the process and click Apply Now.  

Speak to AusPac Solar should you have any further questions regarding the rebate and what battery systems are available to you.


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