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Commercial Solar

Save money each year for your business with a commercial Solar Panel System that is right for you and your needs.
With energy prices increasing, don't let rising costs eat into your margins.
Take advantage of Australia's vast amount of sunlight and save.
Join hundreds of other businesses on the journey to saving millions with AusPac.
See below the array of packages we offer Australian businesses.


20kW Package

Suitable for low-medium commercial energy use.



40kW Package

Suitable for medium to large-scale commercial operations.



100kW+ Package

Suitable for very large-scale operations. Become your own energy supplier.


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AusPac's Guide
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When you invest in commercial solar, you're not only embracing a smart financial decision that enables savings, but more importantly you are future-proofing your business. As energy demands and costs continue to rise, having your own renewable energy source positions your business for long-term success. Companies are not immune to energy inflation. Commercial energy costs across Australia have risen by 95% in the past 12 months alone. Gain a competitive edge by reducing overhead costs and enhancing operational resilience.

What's holding you back?

You might think

"You probably know the benefits of solar energy,
but might not know who to trust or where to start"

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“AusPac Solar is Australia’s leading
solar provider that focuses
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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions has never been greater.

As business owners, it's crucial to adapt and take control of your future, both financially and environmentally. That's where commercial solar power comes.

Commercial Solar is a game-changing solution that empowers industries to embrace renewable energy and reinvest savings into other avenues of the business.

About us

AusPac Solar is an Australian-owned and operated company, with the largest CEC-accredited installer network in Australia.

With primary focus on quality systems over price, we pride ourselves on knowing that through every step of the process, the customer needs have been professionally managed and their expectations exceeded.

Our attention to detail starts from the moment our customers get in touch with us, right through to after the job has been completed and beyond. With AusPac Solar, the cost of your livelihood is in safe hands.

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Save on Solar & live the lifestyle you deserve.

Future-proof your house and secure your energy independence.
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Great customer service all the way through the process. I would highly recommend Auspac for all your solar needs.
The installation crew were fantastic and answered all my questions and also went over the layout before installation. Overall the experience was great and the power bill is also down to a third of what it used to be!
Can't speak highly enough of the installers. The Auspac crew were quick, professional and tidy. One little problem and they were back pronto to fix it. Well done crew.
Would recommend. Everyone I spoke to were really nice, really easy to talk to and to deal with. Answered every time I rang and they could answer all questions I had.
We approached AusPac after a lot of research and have been extremely impressed and pleased with the end results.
Solar Panel installation completed yesterday and the installers were extremely professional and cheerful. The process from enquiry to installation, including finance approval, was very straightforward.
They were professional and prompt during the ordering and installation of our solar system.
AusPac did a great job. The Friendly staff are very helpful and the service was prompt!

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Do you have more questions?

How do I know What I need?
When you contact AusPac Solar, our expert sales team will ask you about your property, budget and your energy needs to work out what kind of system you need.
How much will I save?
It all depends on your system size and current bills but some AusPac clients save around $500 per electricity bill. Others who have chosen to use off-grid systems get no bills at all.
How much does it cost?
Costs depend on your system needs and size, our sales experts will talk you through the system costs, which start at $6,600 for a small residential system of 6.6 kilowatts.
How long does an installation take?
For metro areas, we can have your system installed within two weeks. For regional and rural areas it may take longer but we endeavour to get the system installed as quickly as we can.
What rebates are available?
Every state and territory has a form of rebate available. There are a range to learn about. We will help you navigate through this system and get the right rebate for your needs.
What kind of financing options are available for solar panel installations?
We have an affiliated finance company that can offer options for all manner of systems.