4 ways Solar benefits your Investment Property

Have you explored the untapped potential of including Solar with property investment?

As a landlord, your primary concern is maximising returns on your investment. Here's how solar can directly benefit your investment:

  1. Tax Advantages: Enjoy tax benefits by claiming the solar system installation on your tax. Speak to your tax accountant to discover exactly how to do this.  
  1. Increased Property Value: Boost the value of your property by as much as 10% with solar installation. This not only enhances your assets' worth but also attracts better-quality tenants looking to lower their cost of living. Not to mention, if you decide to sell in the future your property is a higher value.  
  1. Higher Rental Income: Position your property as a more desirable choice for tenants by offering the added benefit of reduced electricity expenses. You can potentially demand up to 30% more in weekly rent, thanks to the allure of lower living costs and increased property value. Speak to the Real Estate that runs your property to know more.  
  1. Lower House Expenses: By slashing the electricity bills of the property, you make your property more appealing to tenants seeking affordable living arrangements. This can lead to higher occupancy rates and reduced vacancy periods.

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