Case Study: Bowral, NSW

Paul lives in the lovely small town of Bowral, NSW west of Wollongong.  

Paul was spending on average $200 - $250 per month on power, and like everybody he was growing tired of seeing his electricity provider increase every financial year by 20%.

His costs have increased by 40% since 2021, so he decided to look into a Solar solution to future-proof himself knowing that the percentage for electricity would only increase.

Paul reached out to AusPac to hear about a solar solution to reduce his bills.  

AusPac provided him with a design for a 6.56kW + 9.6kWh Battery System.  This system size matched his usage and fell within his budget.  

On finance, the cost of the system was $206 per month at 6% interest rate. If he decided to pay this cost upfront, the full cost of the system would be $20,012.00.˜

Paul has now not only removed his bills he is now in a deficit with his bills coming in at negative eighty dollars (-$80) and is selling this excess back to the grid.  

With his battery system, he has not only removed his bills, he has future-proofed himself against future increases in electricity price.