Case Study: Bundaberg, Queensland

Our latest client, Bob, a gentleman in Bundaberg, Queensland recently wiped his Power Bills off the map.

Or... should we say, off his bank statement.

He was paying $250 per month on his electricity bills while on the Grid.  

With a 6.6 kW Solar + 5.5kW Battery system we were able to eliminate his monthly bill and bring him in at $240 per month on finance and at a 6% interest rate. 

Bob is no longer renting his power from the grid and is 99% independent of the grid. 

By switching to Solar, Bob is now energy-independent and is generating his own power.

When he gets a larger sum of money in he plans to pay off his system in time.  

Until then, he’s a happy man. Because he's technically not out of pocket by switching to Solar.

He's switched his bills from paying for an energy provider to paying off his own asset. The best part for him is he's still within his budget.

With his Solar system purchase, he’s also increased the value of his home by nearly 10%.  

He intends to sell his home in 10 years and retire.

Until then, Bob’s home is not only future-proofed against further rises in electricity, he has a system that can generate cheaper, cleaner electricity.

His house now technically has a smaller power station attached to it.

Not a bad result.  

We can set up this same outcome for you, helping you to take control of your energy usage. 

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