Case Study: Scarness, QLD

Jimmy’s bills’ were quite small, coming in at $50 per month.

Despite this Jimmy knew the cost of power would go up significantly.

To future-proof himself, Jimmy installed a 4.4kW system which brought his bill down to $2 annually.

With this system, Jimmy’s bills were eliminated and would save $11,016 in bills over 20 years. He is now energy-independent with his new system.

Jimmy decided to pay the system outright, costing him $10,252.00.  

With a promotional discount at the time of $1,695 and the STC Federal Government Rebate, a further reduction of $1,776 ensued, bringing the price to Jimmy in at $6,780.80.

This cost includes installation, stock and company administration fees to assist with maintaining the system.

AusPac Solar made his investment 50% of what he would make long term, positively gearing him well into the future.  

Products used:

  • 10x Jinko Panels  
  • 1x Solax Inverter (Hybrid Ready)

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