Don’t be fooled by excessive prices when getting Solar for your Business

With the continuous rise in the cost of running a business in the Agricultural sector, family-owned Solar retailer AusPac Solar is passionate about helping everyday Australian businesses, farmers and families keep their costs of living down and at reasonable investment.

Within the residential market, AusPac enables 90% savings on cost of power per quarter, but within the commercial, agriculture, manufacturing and real estate sectors AusPac Solar are providing an array of solar solutions to help businesses go completely energy-independent from the grid, with off-grid solutions. In the modern age, it’s not only possible but also becoming a necessity for agri-businesses to now be independent and be their own energy supplier.  

Off-grid solutions are becoming the most common form of installation within the commercial space.

While the cost of energy is going up, businesses going solar are not affected, giving them a competitive advantage on the front lines in regional and remote areas with their clients, helping them save bucket loads of cash at their reserve to amplify their business efforts leaving competitors behind that are still paying exorbitant energy costs.  

To get ahead in 2023 and 2024 is to save on energy. And you’re not just saving petty cash. You’re saving BIG.

Where AusPac Solar differs from the usual crowd of Solar retailers is in their passion for the local community, their vast network of installers across Australia and most importantly their passion for helping the client get the most out of their Solar system at a fair and reasonable price.  

The cost of solar should not cost an arm and a leg, despite many retailers wanting to charge millions for 100kW+ installations. Don’t be fooled, do your research and find the best prices and with the right people.  

At the time of writing (October 2023) AusPac are installing a 100kWh Solar System supported by an 80kWh Battery storage unit in Blackwater, Queensland. Due to be completed in November, theEarthworks client was spending upwards of $5 million per year on diesel fuel to keep their business moving. That’s a whopping $9,500 per week on costs that the client is now saving.  

AusPac Solar is proud to help the client wipe that cost off their balance sheet with our Off-Grid 100kW solar solution, and with an installation cost that helped them save even more when comparing AusPac’s quote to its competitors. AusPac’s network of premium installers is what helps our clients save even more on installation.  

Energy Independence has never been so easy to obtain, and it’s an absolute no-brainer to go solar now going into summer in 2023. Not to mention you’re also going green, lowering your emissions. And... we’ve not mentioned the Government rebates available yet.

the Earthworks"We’ve done a large range of installs within the Agri-business, mostly off-grid installs, large battery stacks, ground-mount systems, all 100kW or more in very regional isolated areas of Australia, such as northern Victoria, and South-Western New South Wales has been a common area for us along with regional Queensland,” said Lewis Fleming, Director of AusPac Solar.

“Every job is different, and we have experience in adapting to the many different needs and solutions required within the market. We’re passionate about putting our clients first and helping them save thousands. That’s our aim with every job, it’s not just a sale to us.”

“The client in Blackwater was running on custom diesel generators to power their site. They had a number of quotes that were sitting at a million-plus, we came in and essentially smashed that price keeping the client happy and we’re now moving ahead at a price that is fair and reasonable to the client.”

“Their savings will be in the hundreds of thousands, with a buy-back period of three years.”

"Recently we’ve also helped a cattle feeder down in Balranald, southern New South Wales with a 124.4kW system and 80kWh battery storage that is now, again not only helping them save hundreds of thousands but they’ve gone off-grid. Now their home and their whole operation are completely independent.”

“With floods and bushfires that happen in that area of Australia, the grid tends to go down regularly, making operations for an agri-business impossible when relying on the grid so it was with great pleasure, that we could help the client keep their business in good shape as we get into the bushfire season.”

“Moving to solar was not only convenient for the client, it was a necessity, and something we are pleased to be able to provide without costing the client squillions. We believe the price of solar should be fair and reasonable for all,” Fleming added.

Where other Solar retailers have lacked, AusPac Solar’s vast network of installers makes them he perfect solution for Solar installation across the nation. Wherever you are in Australia, AusPac will have you covered.  

“We understand the challenges that people face with regard to power supply regionally. When conducting an installation, we go in person and visit the client and get to know the region to help us get to know our customers on a personal level. This enables longevity for our business from a relationship point of view,” Fleming said.  

“We started in installations 5 years ago, before moving into retail, so our focus and key differentiator has always been on getting the installation done correctly with only the best installers Australia-wide that are providing a premium level of service. We’re not focused on just getting sales, we get to know each sale on a personal level which has helped us to then land more clients through their networks.”

“We’re passionate about helping regional businesses protect their cashflow, their staff, their operations. Their success is ours.”

AusPac’s mission coming in has not been to take away jobs, but to help these businesses themselves save on their operations costs with bespoke solutions that can amplify cost-saving.  

“We came to realise in the regional areas, some in the community felt that solar is taking jobs away as it's reducing the need for coal. AusPac Solar believes strongly though that Solar shouldn’t be to come in and take that away, but instead to amplify their business strength and longevity through Solar power. We are not a threat and that’s not our aim, we don’t want to disrupt. We help people save money.”

With the Grid’s easily affected by natural disasters in regional areas the impact-flow is that where there are more brown-outs and black-outs, Solar energy can be used as a backup to support the business.  

Contact AusPac Solar today to discuss solutions that will save you hundreds of thousands, and at reasonable costs. With AusPac’s network stretching far and wide across the country, no job is too big, too small or too difficult.  

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