The Elephant in the (Solar Industry) Room: Budget Retailers

Get Solar from $3,999

We see it everywhere across the renewable energy sector, every day, and by the same companies.

Does Solar for such a low-price sound too good to be true?

In most ways, yes, it is exactly that. We’ll be clear from the get-go. Solar is expensive, and it is a considerable investment. Solar for $3,999 might sound good at first. But there’s reasons to that.  

An analogy we like to use is – Think about a Solar system like buying a car. If it’s $4,000, what are you expecting from it?

A cheap, quick 4 cylinder that will get you from A-B. Probably can’t go higher than 100kms. Perfect for a learner driver right?  

Take it from an unbiased opinion from a company that has been in this industry for 15 years.  

Companies that drive price have one goal in mind - Your money in their pocket. These companies have high commission targets and employ sales tactics to get your signature on the dotted line quicker than you can say “how does it work?”

They should be educating you before selling to you. If not – Red flag.  

As a consumer, you need to be aware of companies that drive leads and sales based on “lowest price guarantee schemes”. Typically, they also sell poor, inefficient quality systems (hence their low price), poor education about the product, and poor support-services once your system is installed. They set and forget.  

It’s like that good-looking guy or girl in the club, they look attractive from afar, but once you get close enough, and get to know them, you see red flags... (Yes, the author is speaking from experience).

What takes the cake then is these companies do not offer warranties or ongoing servicing, maintenance and support. They refer you to the manufacturer, who are generally not based in Australia or are unequipped to deal with customer service enquiries. That’s like a car salesman referring you to the Toyota manufacturer in Japan to enquire about the AirCon system in your car not working... C’mon.

At AusPac, we're not a budget system retailer. We make this clear right from the get-go.

When you speak to us, you’re getting the real deal. You’re not speaking to someone overseas that can’t help you. You’re speaking with Australian’s that care about getting you value for money.  

Does this mean we’re saying our systems do not cost $3,999? Yes, that’s what we’re alluding to.  

In fact, we cost significantly more. Why?

Because you pay for what you get, and at AusPac we deliver the best and nothing short of that.

Those are our standards. That’s the AusPac Solar guarantee.  

With AusPac Solar, for a standard 6.6kW system we quote anything between $8,000 and $13,000 for a Hybrid system.

Hybrid systems eliminate your electricity bills, making you energy-independent. You are essentially purchasing a power plant and putting it on top of your house.  

On finance, this system will cost you $23 per week.  

Compare that to your current bill, and we can guarantee you’re ahead. So don’t let the $8,000 deter you.  

We make one thing clear. We don’t sell you crap. We sell you the real deal.  

Our support staff and our installers are dedicated professionals who know what they’re doing. Our team have had over 15 years of experience working in Solar. We’re electricians, and our network of installers all must be NETCC accredited. We know what good work looks like.  

We do good work and we’re not afraid to pump our own tyres on that fact. Because at the end of the day the main person this benefits is you, the client.  

Quality > Quantity.  

This is the value proposition you are investing in, with us. Guaranteed. And that is our position.

If you’re happy to go with the budget retailers based on the fact we do quality work. That is OK too. We won’t hold that against you. But just be aware you run yourself liable to higher risk, which could cost you more in the long-term if there’s issues.  

We’re a family-run business focused on quality of installation, education, and ongoing service and support of your solar system. Broadly we take the time to help you with your energy usage optimisation helping you save money.  

We don’t sell solar. We help you save (a tonne of) money.  

Our clients save at least $3,000 per year before making anything between $500 - $1,000 per year with a Hybrid 6.6kW system by selling excess energy back to the grid. That’s $4,000 per year net capital in your pocket based on a small home system. Not to mention the tax back incentives and the added 20% value you’ve added to your home if you’re looking to sell.  

AusPac Solar has the largest network of accredited installers in Australia, with installers located nationwide. Point anywhere on a map of Australia and AusPac can install there. We can install for your home, your business, or your farm.

Once we do the install to our standards, we ensure your system is working with ongoing support and servicing. We do not just sell to you and forget you. We stay. We optimise. We fix if we need to. When you buy from us, you join our family.  

To assist you with your decision, we’ve developed the below to give you an overview of how AusPac operates in comparison to other Solar companies in Australia: