What orientation is best for solar panels to optimise energy

Navigating the intricate realm of solar energy entails a pivotal decision – the orientation of your solar panels.

The optimal solar system orientation for your home is akin to a tailored suit, designed to complement your unique electricity consumption patterns. It's natural to wonder whether this orientation truly matters. The answer lies in a deeper exploration of the topic.

The orientation of your solar panels is akin to positioning a sailboat's sail to catch the maximum wind – it's about making the most of the available resources. In this case, the resource is sunlight, and its optimal utilisation can significantly impact your solar system's performance.

Now, let's delve into the specific solar panel orientations and their impact on your system's efficiency:

North Facing Panels

In sun-drenched regions like Australia, north-facing solar panels enjoy an extended embrace of sunlight throughout the day. These panels become a goldmine for those who predominantly inhabit their homes during daylight hours. The rationale is simple: solar energy must be harnessed when it's generated. By aligning panels towards the north, you tap into the potential for substantial power output during peak solar periods. This energy surplus can be harnessed for various household activities, such as operating washing machines, tumble dryers, pool filters, and an array of energy-consuming devices.

For those whose daily routines extend beyond their home's borders, incorporating solar batteries becomes a wise strategy to store excess energy generated during periods of absence.

East Facing Panels

Taking a different approach, east-facing solar panels might yield around 12% less electricity overall compared to their north-facing counterparts. However, their unique attribute lies in generating a major portion of energy during the morning hours. This setup proves ideal for households with bustling mornings, as they prepare for work or school, drawing substantial power during these early hours.

West Facing Panels

Mirroring the 12% reduction in overall electricity generation, west-facing solar panels prioritize energy output in the afternoon. This orientation becomes advantageous for homes that seek refuge in air conditioning during hot summer months or for those who primarily return home later in the day.

South Facing Panels

While not the most preferred orientation, south-facing panels still hold merit, contingent on factors like roof pitch and geographical location. Generally producing around 28% less energy compared to north-facing panels, this configuration's efficacy can be further diminished by a steep roof incline.

In the quest for the optimal solar panel orientation, we recommend consulting a Certified CEC (Clean Energy Council) Designer & Installer like AusPac Solar.

Their expertise aligns with your roof structure and energy usage patterns, culminating in a bespoke orientation strategy that maximises returns.

So, if you're ready to embark on this solar journey, feel free to reach out to us at 1300 197 237 and take your first step towards a custom solar solution. Just as a sailboat's sail is meticulously set, your solar panels can be oriented to catch the maximum energy wave.